Professional photographer with  20+ years of experience, sharing my enthusiasm & knowledge of photography -- in particular street photography and visual storytelling.                           Inspiration! Encouragement! Confidence! 

My work's exhibited & published in newspapers, magazines, books & documentaries. Classes are listed here with full descriptions below. I also organize street photo workshops, developed a teen after-school Photoshop program at Culver City Middle School  & have  mentored at Venice Arts. Available for private lessons, judging, curating, and assignments.

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Upcoming 2020 classes

<NEW> INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOSHOP  -  Online if not at LAVC  • 6 Thursdays 7/23  — 8/27 (7:00 to 10:00 PM)

This workshop is geared towards those new to working with photos and wanting to learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop to edit and enhance digital images. Topics include downloading files, cropping, making color and tonal adjustments for exposure and brightness, retouching, working with layers, adding text to a photo, and more. Each participant should have access to Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Elements. (IF we meet in person the LAVC computer lab has the software on their computers.)  Students with any level of camera proficiency are welcome, but please note that class does not include instruction on camera operation. (See Beginning Photography class for learning about using a camera.)

BEGINNING PHOTOGRAPH/ Camera Fundamentals• This Summer as an online class.
5 Tuesdays starting July 7th • plus a guided camera practice

Description:  In-depth 6 week class covers skills to master control of your camera—film or digital. Step-by-step instruction to learn camera fundamentals with an emphasis on manual exposure mode, understanding auto modes, shutter speeds to stop or blur motion, ISO, white balance, controlling focus, flash, and more. Informative handouts, practice assignments, & individual attention. Includes a group camera practice class.

LA VALLEY COLLEGE Community Services 5800 Fulton Av, Valley Glen 91401   818-947-2577 ext. 4172   Registration to be announced • Fee $110

<NEW> FUN WITH  PHOTOGRAPHY  & PHOTOSHOP (Ages 11 -14)  Online if not at LAVC computer lab  •  3 Saturdays 9:30 AM — 12:30 PM

Class is a combination of photography and working with pictures on the computer. Through a variety of picture-taking activities and Photoshop projects, middle school-aged students learn while having fun. The picture-taking portion of the class emphasizes creativity and observation skills, rather than technical aspects of the camera. The Photoshop instruction covers the basics of enhancing photographs and creating projects that use the participant’s photos. Each meeting will focus on a specific photography-related concept, and the activities will reinforce the lesson. Any camera other than a cell phone may be used for class, although cameras with exposure options (Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, or Manual) are encouraged.

Watch for these photo workshops to be announced

SHOOT & REVIEW  / Street Photo workshop  (S&R will be changed  to an online format for safety)

Organized independently by Nancy once or twice a year. Please inquire or sign up for newsletters.)

Individual photo walks or themes and  (virtual) group reviews — get feedback, have fun & see the variety of ways others handled the same photo ops.

Arranged and lead by Nancy, S&R consists of 6 meetings. Three meetings are (solo) SHOOTING excursions & 3 are (virtual) REVIEW meetings. Sunday afternoon excursions are at various interesting locations and participants explore in groups or on their own with me. REVIEWS give everyone a chance to show photos, discuss experiences, get supportive feedback, — and see the variety of ways others handled the same photo ops. It's friendly, informal, & fun. Great opportunity to gain confidence with "street photography" and enjoy a common interest with other photographers! SHOOTS usually on Sunday afternoons. REVIEWS are on weekday evenings 7:00 to 9:30  Join mailing list to be notified when I plan the next S&R

I'm open to any photo class ideas and I'm available if you have a group wanting your own class.

COLLABORATIVE VISUAL STORYTELLING/A GROUP PHOTO PROJECT •To be rescheduled & offered online if possible.

Students work on the same project to create a photographic essay on Boyle Heights, a historic community of Los Angeles. The workshop Collaborative Visual Storytelling centers on documenting the neighborhood that in the first part of the 20th century included a vibrant Jewish community, and is today a vibrant Latino community. The plan for taking the photos will be revised ensure a safe distance. We'll learn how the community has been transformed over time, and how we can use photographs to share that story. We'll also review photos and sequence them to create a collaborative photo essay.  Our work will culminate as an exhibition in an online photo gallery on the American Jewish University website.  Class offered through  American Jewish University Whizin Center for Continuing Education

INTERMEDIATE PHOTOGRAPHY/Moving Beyond Snapshots • To be rescheduled & likely offered as an online class

Six-week class is about creativity and making dynamic images beyond snapshots. The emphasis on seeing, composition, light & bringing meaning to images. Topics: camera angle, lens choice, creative use of f-stop and shutter speed, filters, using flash outdoors, and more. Learn about genres of photography and develop your individual style. Whether wanting to improve your photos, get helpful feedback, or do more photography this class is sure to inspire you. Class offered through  LA VALLEY COLLEGE Community Services


"I can already tell, taking this class right away was a good decision! I'm really looking forward to it."  Tracy B.

"I wanted to thank you again for being such a patient and gentle teacher. I really am grateful for invaluable, personal time you take to help me learn the art of photography. The outings have been extremely beneficial...Again and again, A Million thanks~  Sue B.

"I enjoyed the classes very much and have been recommending them to my [High School] students when they express interest in photography...Thanks again. I'm still enjoying working on what I learned on your class! " Alaina K.

"Just want to say "thank you" for a wonderful workshop. It was a great opportunity to practice as well as receive input from others. Please keep me posted when you have other classes." Tracie B.

"Thanks again for a very enjoyable and informative class! It was a lot of fun." Bob G.

Photo news follow: nancykayephotography on Facebook & Instagram

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