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Welcome to my page of current and upcoming class listings.

A professional photographer with over 20 years of experience, I love sharing my  enthusiasm and knowledge of photography -- in particular street photography and visual storytelling. 

My work has been exhibited and  published in major newspapers, magazines, and books. I teach a variety of photo classes at LA Valley College, Santa Monica College, and also organize independent street photo workshops. I work with teens in an after school program at Culver City Middle School  and  have mentored at Venice Arts. 

I'm available for private lessons, judging, and assignments. For notification of photo news & events, follow me on Facebook  and  @nancykayephotography on Instagram

Inspiration! Encouragement! Confidence! Join me!

Summary of classes. Scroll down for description and current schedule

SHOOT & REVIEW  (TBD summer 2018)  •  Hand Coloring Photos at SMC  Sat. 6/23 & 6/30 9:00 to noon     Creating a Photo Essay  (TBD)   •   Fundamentals of Photography at LAVC Sat. 8/4/18  • Summer at LAVC  Teen/Adult workshops (2 levels) Sat. 7/14 & 7/21                   • Beginning Photo and Intermediate Photo Beyond Snapshots  (coming Fall 2018)

TBD *** CREATING A PHOTO ESSAY  at  Santa Monica College Community Ed:  (To Be Scheduled)  Contact me or call SMC 310-434-3400  

Learn about personal projects and grouping photos by theme or subject to take your photography to a greater level of communication. We’ll define your project and select meaningful images that work together. Whether wanting to organize travel photos or work on a personal photo essay, this class provides feedback in a safe, small group setting. All levels of skill welcome, and any camera may be used. Repeat students also welcome.

Create a cohesive body of work with a visual narrative, using an artist’s statement, how to create meaningful images that work together, how to choose images for presentation, and more!

All levels of photography skills welcome, and any camera may be used. Repeat students welcome. This is a great opportunity to share your photography, get feedback in a safe, small group setting, start or further ongoing projects.

CLASS ID: # Creating a Photo Essay  

SCHEDULE: Thursdays 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM; 5 meetings

LOCATION:  SMC Bundy Campus,  3171 S. Bundy Dr.  LA, CA 90066 (Easy free parking)

FEE: $99.00   CONTACT ME TO REGISTER OR CALL SMC 310-434-3400    SMC Community Ed      

**summer 2018 class ended**  HAND COLORING PHOTOS

Saturdays 6/23 and 6/30 • 9:00 to Noon at Santa Monica College Community Ed, Bundy Campus

Discover the boundless artistic expression of hand coloring photographs. Learn to apply color to photo prints and transform them into unique works of art. Students are introduced to the techniques and materials — paints, pencils, and papers. Prints are provided for hand coloring in both the traditional style popular in the mid-19th century, as well as updated techniques for digital prints. Students keep what they work on.

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(If no classes are currently scheduled, please contact if you want a small group lesson.)



BASIC PHOTO FOR TEENS (Adult attends free) Sat. 7/14/18 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

BEYOND BASIC PHOTO FOR TEENS (Adult attends free) Sat. 7/21/18 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

All students age 12 to 17 have the option to attend LAVC teen workshop with an adult (at no charge).  Each workshop $50. More details and registration here or scroll down.


Learn fundamental concepts to understand your camera and manual exposure mode. Ideal refresher or overview of SLR cameras. Topics include auto vs. manual settings, the exposure triangle (how ISO, shutter speed, and f-stop work together), and more. Camera practice and review of photos at workshop. Saturday 8/4 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Coming up Fall 2018  BEGINNING PHOTOGRAPHY" at LAVC (5 Tuesday evenings plus 1 Saturday daytime - schedule to be determined)

BEGINNING PHOTOGRAPHY:   6 week in-depth class covers the skills needed to master control of your camera—film or digital—with step-by-step instruction. Students learn fundamentals of photography with an emphasis on manual exposure mode, how to avoid pitfalls of automatic modes, changing shutter speeds to stop or blur motion, ISO, white balance, controlling focus, exposure, and using flash.

Shooting assignments are given and digital photos are reviewed using a projector in class. Students receive informative handouts and individual attention. 

REGISTRATION: (818) 947-2577 ext. 4172  LAVC Community Services Dept 5800 Fulton Avenue Valley Glen  91401  

CLASS  Beginning Photography (Tuesdays)

SCHEDULE to be announced:  (6 meetings) 5 TUESDAYS • PLUS a Saturday 

TIME:  Tuesdays 7:00-9:30 PM

FEE: $110 (includes all handouts and materials) 

Coming up Fall 2018 INTERMEDIATE PHOTOGRAPHY/Moving Beyond Snapshots  at LAVC

This class is about creativity and making dynamic images beyond snapshots. The emphasis is on seeing, composition, light and,  bringing meaning to images. We'll cover camera angle, lens choice, creative use of f-stop and shutter speed, filters, using flash outdoors, and more.

You'll learn about various genres of photography and develop your own individual style.  There will be a Saturday daytime meeting to go out shooting. Whether wanting to improve your photos, get helpful feedback, or do more photography this class is sure to inspire you. 


SCHEDULE: (6 meetings) 5 Tuesdays • PLUS a Saturday daytime (Schedule to be determined)

TIME:  7:00-9:30 PM

FEE: $110

REGISTRATION: (818) 947-2577 ext. 4172  LAVC Community Services Dept 5800 Fulton Avenue Valley Glen  91401  


DESCRIPTION OF S&R: Street photo walks and more!  Independent photo walks and reviews!  S&R consists of 6 meetings. Three meetings are SHOOTING excursions & 3 are REVIEW meetings. Sunday afternoon excursions are at various interesting locations, and participants explore in groups or on their own with me. REVIEWS give everyone a chance to show photos from the excursions, discuss experiences, get supportive feedback, and see the variety of ways others handled the same photo ops.

It's friendly, informal, & fun. Great opportunity to gain confidence with "street photography" and enjoy a common interest with other photographers! SHOOTS are on Sundays (about 3:00 to 5:30) REVIEWS are on Wednesdays or Thursdays from 7:00 to 9:30 (Location on the Westside / occasionally in SFV).

Interested in the next one? Sign up to my newsletter  & stay in the loop.

S&R sign-up is directly with me.  Pay per pair / discount for multiples or registering with a friend

PayPal: Email for my PayPal account is

For PayPal, please use "Send to Friends and Family" to eliminate surcharge.

You can also 'snail mail' payment to Nancy Kaye, PO Box 641721, LA, CA 90064


One day  TEEN/ADULT WORKSHOPS • 12-17 yrs / Adults attend free! 

WHO CAN ATTEND? All students age 12 to 17 have the option of attending this LAVC workshop with an adult (at no charge). However, students age15 and under MUST be accompanied by an adult for  entire workshop. NOTE: Bring camera, user manual, something for note-taking, and a sack lunch (30 min. lunch break). 


This workshop-style class is an introduction to the basic principles of photography and camera operation. Explore your creative potential with a camera.

Through discussion and hands-on camera practice, you'll learn how motion, light, and focus can be used in creative ways. Class will cover the key elements of exposure--shutter speed, f-stops, and ISO. There will be a variety of activities that help you apply your new skills to photographic self-expression.

No prior photo knowledge is required. Bring to class a camera with manual exposure options. Please note: All students have the option of attending this workshop with one parent  (no charge for adult). However, students ages 15 and under MUST be accompanied by a parent for the entire workshop.

•CLASS ID# "Beginning Photography (for Teens)"

•SCHEDULE: Saturday 7/14/18

•TIME: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM (5 hours with a half hour lunch break)

•FEE: $50 (Adult accompanying a teen attends at no charge)



Building on basic camera skills participants learn to make creative pictures that have your personal point of view. This workshop-style class is all about the photograph and basic principles of visual composition. We’ll see how light, angle, and basic camera techniques help to make photos beyond snapshots. There will be hands-on photo activities to apply the new concepts. We’ll also look at photos that inspire and help us understand visual communication.

CLASS ID#13792 "Intermediate/Continuing Photography (for Teens)"

SCHEDULE: Saturday 7/21/18

TIME: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM (5 hours with a half hour lunch break)

FEE: $50 (Adult accompanying a teen attends at no charge)

REGISTRATION LAVC (818) 947-2577 ext. 4172


Take your photography to the next level. Learn (or review) the fundamental concepts to master camera technique and capture dynamic images that go beyond snapshots. This crash course is an ideal refresher or an overview for those who want to take control of their camera (or are looking to buy one). Topics include auto vs. manual settings, understanding the exposure triangle (how ISO, shutter speed, and f-stop work together), visual composition, and using the camera as a creative tool to control depth of field and to capture motion. With practice assignments and feedback on photos, this class is an opportunity to improve your photography and to gain confidence in using your camera.

SCHEDULE: 8/4/18  TIME:  10:00 - 3:00

FEE: $50

REGISTRATION ONLINE or BY PHONE 818-947-2577 ext. 4172  

LAVC Community Services Department 5800 Fulton Avenue Valley Glen, CA 91401

HAND COLORING PHOTOS  at SMC (See Facebook page for examples) Learn the art of hand-tinting photographs --- adding color to black-and-white photography with paints & pencils. In this hands-on class, we'll cover this mid-19th century art as well as how to paint on digital prints. Whether you choose to add color to an entire image or selective portions, the result will be a unique piece of art!

SCHEDULE:  2 Saturdays  9:00 to Noon (dates TBD)

Santa Monica College Community Education. Bundy Campus / To be offered again Winter session



PHOTOGRAPHY / MASTERING DEPTH OF FIELD: Enhance your photography and give it stronger impact by using the camera technique "depth of field". This workshop on controlling depth of field provides skills to focus selected portions of a photo while artfully keeping other parts less focused. We'll explore aesthetic advantages of showing the "background out of focus" and numerous ways to achieve it. This class, packed with useful information, will allow participants to practice new creative concepts and review their photos. The class is primarily geared towards using a camera with manual exposure options.


Portrait Photography : Class  is an overview of various styles of on location Portrait Photography. You will learn about types of portrait lighting, using portable flash both indoors and in daylight, and working with available light. Topics include posing your subject, light set-ups, and master portrait photographers. Separate flash unit (or interest in learning to use one) is recommended. Knowledge of using your camera is necessary. 3  EVENINGS AND ONE SATURDAY DAYTIME PRACTICE

I'm open to any photo class ideas and I'm available if you have a group wanting your own class.


"I can already tell, taking this class right away was a good decision! I'm really looking forward to it."  Tracy B.

"I wanted to thank you again for being such a patient and gentle teacher. I really am grateful for invaluable, personal time you take to help me learn the art of photography. The outings have been extremely beneficial...Again and again, A Million thanks~  Sue B.

"I enjoyed the classes very much and have been recommending them to my [High School] students when they express interest in photography...Thanks again. I'm still enjoying working on what I learned on your class! " Alaina K.

"Just want to say "thank you" for a wonderful workshop. It was a great opportunity to practice as well as receive input from others. Please keep me posted when you have other classes." Tracie B.

"Thanks again for a very enjoyable and informative class! It was a lot of fun." Bob G.


SHOOT & REVIEW photo workshop

My independent photo workshop consists of group photo shooting excursions & a chance to review everyone's photography. Open to all levels and any camera may be used.  Please contact me for details.

Next SHOOT & REVIEW  to be scheduled


Sunday afternoon SHOOTS

Mid week evening REVIEWS

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