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Professional with  20+ years of experience, sharing enthusiasm, knowledge, inspiration, and encouragement. Interest in collaborative photo projects and visual storytelling.    

I curate and lead group workshops that create online group exhibitions--see Capture This Moment. My work is shown in galleries and published in newspapers, magazines, books & documentaries. I organize street photo workshops, developed a teen photo program,  & have  mentored at Venice Arts. Available for individual lessons, judging, curating, and assignments.

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CAPTURE THIS MOMENT  WORKSHOP SERIES (Series ended but see all 10 exhibitions)

Participants in the Capture This Moment workshop series collaborated to create a visual timeline of the pandemic and how it affected our communities. There are 10 online group exhibitions on the AJU Whizin Centerwebsite -- see the latest one Capture New Beginnings.

PHOTO FUNDAMENTAL Great review & overview!  July 23, 2022 LAVC Community Ed  

A one day, 10 AM to 4 PM, workshop. It combines instruction in the classroom about the fundamentals of photography with going outside the classroom to try the skills being taught.

Overview of camera operation and photo basics. Class is geared toward cameras (digital or film) with manual setting options. Open to teens 15 and older and adults.

SHOOT & REVIEW  TBA (hybrid)

Photo walks and  (virtual) group reviews — get feedback, have fun & see a variety of ways others handle the same photo ops.

Arranged and lead by Nancy, S&R consists of 6 meetings. 3 SHOOTS  & 3  REVIEW meetings. 

REVIEWS give everyone a chance to show photos, discuss experiences, get supportive feedback. It's friendly, informal, & fun. Gain confidence with "street photography" and enjoy a common interest with other photographers! SHOOTS usually on Sunday afternoons. REVIEWS are on weekday evenings. 


"I can already tell, taking this class right away was a good decision! I'm really looking forward to it."  Tracy B.

"I wanted to thank you again for being such a patient and gentle teacher. I really am grateful for invaluable, personal time you take to help me learn the art of photography. The outings have been extremely beneficial...Again and again, A Million thanks~  Sue B.

"I enjoyed the classes very much and have been recommending them to my [High School] students when they express interest in photography...Thanks again. I'm still enjoying working on what I learned on your class! " Alaina K.

"Just want to say "thank you" for a wonderful workshop. It was a great opportunity to practice as well as receive input from others. Please keep me posted when you have other classes." Tracie B.

"Thanks again for a very enjoyable and informative class! It was a lot of fun." Bob G.

Photo news follow: nancykayephotography on Facebook & Instagram

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